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Surein Farm Ltd.

  The Surein Green Farm was founded in 2011 on the terraced slopes of Tian Lu Shan, west Guangdong, by a Hong Kong operator zealous in organic cultivation. The Farm, about 20 hectares, keeps horses, goats, poultry, pigs, fresh-water fish, the manure of which is used as compost for organic fertilisers. The Farm grows seasonal vegetables, paddy, fruit trees, and premium quality Tie Guan Yin Teas. It also has a hostel of 20 guest rooms, a camping ground for 40 tents, a restaurant serving local farm cuisine. The Farm has been used as a platform of environmental and national education for students from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Areas. Main attractions include “The Ten Scenic areas of Surein Farm”, horse-riding, hiking, tieguanyin tea-making, paddy rice growing and fruit harvesting.




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