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Interview with Iran

1. Are there any cultural highlights you would like to share on your country?

  The art of carpet weaving in Iran date back to more than 4000 years ago. Persian carpets and rugs were initially woven as articles of necessity to cover the floors of nomadic tribesmen, giving them protection from the cold and damp. After sometime their design evolved and two main design categories emerged:
1) they weave their dreams, visualising what they want in life and ask from the universe, and they knot their longings; they believe when they create knots, it helps to make their dreams come true;
2) weaving as storytelling, displaying their traditions, history and lifestyle, and depicting seasonal migrations, hunting scenes, miniatures etc.
  Today, carpet weaving is by far the most widespread handicraft in Iran. Persian carpets are renowned for their richness of colour, variety of pattern and quality of design. In palaces, famous buildings, mansions and museums all over the world, Persian carpets are amongst the most treasured possessions.

2. Are there any special exhibits/ cultural items that people shouldn’t have missed at your Pavilion? What’s so special about it?

  Amongst many traditional Persian carpets, authentic Qom silk rugs have high reputation and are always presented to foreign delegates as a national treasure. Qom silk rugs made of very high quality Chinese mulberry silk have delicate and organic touch and feel. The sophisticated craftsmanship of working with the finest silk threads together with unique designs by master designers bring carpet making to a whole new level. Traditional or contemporary, new or antique, realism or surrealism, authentic silk rugs from Qom are of rare supply and the most sought-after luxurious art pieces in the global market.

3. Is there any message you would like to bring up through this occasion?

  Iranians, through ups and downs, in comfort or hardship, always create arts that tell stories of their history, cultures and wisdom. And above all, making arts to connect people and remind us of kindness and compassion.

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